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We manufacture Inter-lock bricks

Himalayan Brick is made from a mix of dry organic subsoil, sand, cement and water. The mix is compressed in a hydraulic press at a pressure of around 3000 psi, where the mixture volume is reduced by about half, thus, giving it its strength.


Manufacturing process video:




Types of bricks available:

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Half Brick

Dimension : 15cm X 15cm X 10cm

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U-shaped Brick

Dimension :30 cm X 15 cm X 10 cm

Standard Brick

Dimensions: 30 cm X 15 cm X 10 cm


Apart from the aesthetic look and high compressive strength, Himalayan Bricks boasts a huge range of benefits.

Cost Efficient & Faster Construction

Construction process is really fast as it is easy to build and no plastering and painting is required which results...

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Creates superior indoor environments

It is a proven fact that soil and clay bricks are known to be the best material to keep the...

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Earthquake Resistant

Advancement in precision mould engineering enable Himalayan Bricks to have consistent tongue and groove feature to allow the interlocking system...

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Eco-friendly Technology

Himalayan Bricks follows the carbon reduction technique in the manufacturing process which produces 90% less carbon compared to burnt bricks

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Strong and Durable:

Himalayan Brick (HB) equipment and processes produce the highest quality Compressed Stabilized Earth Bricks in Nepal. Earth Bricks can meet...

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Himalayan Brick House

Himalayan Brick facilitates faster and earthquake resistance construction with an aesthetic appeal. Interlocking feature of the bricks with vertical and horizontal rebar provision makes the constructed structure stronger and earthquake resistant. The availability of U-shaped bricks facilitates electrical wiring and plumbing work without  the need to chip the wall.

About Us

At Himalayan Bricks, we exploit the growing need for Green Construction, which essentially is a moral responsibility towards the environment wherein eco-friendly construction material and techniques are used. With Green Construction as our mission, we strive to make a difference in the construction industry of Nepal by offering top-of-the-line Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks (CSEB) and also to introduce the benefits of CSEB to our revered customers.

How it's made

Testing and mixing

Locally available soil, cement & water are tested  and mixed in a specific ratio.


The proper Mixture of soil, cement & water is compressed to form a compact block


The block is dried to cure for 28 days, forming the Himalayan Brick.

Our Recognition

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Building code

Himalayan Brick is included in Building Code of Nepal.

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Bhubaneshwor Prabidhi Puraskar

We are awarded with Bhubaneshwor Prabidhi Puraskar by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology.

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Approved by GON

Interlocking Brick manufactured by Himalayan Brick has been approved by National Reconstruction Authority for the construction of Earthquake resistance House.

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